Robyn Santor, CPDT-KA

Owner and Trainer


Whether playing the role of hiking buddy, road trip navigator, or best friend, dogs have always held a special place in my life.

Photo courtesy of  Mountain Dog Photography

Photo courtesy of Mountain Dog Photography

Through my work with Spirit Dog and at the Humane Society of Chittenden County, I have had the opportunity to celebrate and promote the joy, love and many rewards that come from sharing our lives with dogs.  I have also witnessed and counseled many owners on the circumstances and problematic behaviors that cause stress and can ultimately lead to the destruction of their relationship with their canine companion.  No matter what the issue- from reactivity to house-training, lack of manners to aggression concerns- if the behavior is causing a stressful situation in your life, I am here to help you and your family to develop an individualized training and management plan to address the issue.  

As a result of my work in the animal welfare field, I am all too aware of the startling and appalling fact that euthanasia in a shelter is the all too frequent fate for many companion animals in the United States.  I also know that behavioral concerns are a common reason for shelter relinquishment.  In our local community, we are fortunate to not be faced with the severe levels of animal overpopulation currently being experienced in many other regions of the country.  However, this does not make the prevention of relinquishment any less important- fewer animals entering in to the national shelter system (regardless of where they live and what type of facility they enter) will ultimately lead to fewer animals dying there.  This is a cause I am extremely passionate about and one that truly drives the work that I do.

I received my CPDT-KA certification in March, 2016.  To earn this accreditation I was required to demonstrate my training experience, knowledge of learning theory, dog behavior, and instruction, and a commitment to humane training practices.  For more information on this certification please visit the Certification Council for Professional Dog Trainers (CCPDT).