Sharing your life with a canine companion is a joyful, comical, rewarding and, at times, frustrating, endeavor.  Like any relationship, living with a dog requires plenty of patience, compromise and good humor, but it will also bring lots of unconditional love and enrichment to your life.  Though there are a certain number of realities that dog owners come to expect and tolerate- dogs are hairy, they drool, they can be noisy, and they tend to enjoy a variety of gross hobbies from time to time- it is important that, at the end of the day, our relationship with our dogs enrich our lives and make them better.  

Whether working to address a particular behavior concern or to improve your dog's obedience skills, Spirit Dog Training strives to offer honest, reasonable and non-judgmental advice, counseling, and training assistance.  The methods that I use will aim to address your training goals, while also strengthening and improving your relationship with your canine companion.

The training methods I use are supported by the scientific principles of how animals learn.  Together, we will strive to set realistic goals and to create an environment where your dog can succeed.  I will never recommend methods that are based in force, or those aimed at "establishing dominance" over your dog as I believe that they are unnecessary, ineffective and damaging to your relationship with your dog.  However, I strongly believe that all dogs are individuals and some strategies and approaches will be more effective for some dogs than others.  Therefore, I will take the time to learn about you, your dog and your situation to develop the strategies and approaches that will be most appropriate for your situation.